It’s a question I’ve heard hundreds of times:  “I’m not happy at work.  How can I find a better job?”  Jobs are like marriages.  You will experience peaks and valleys; loving every moment is unrealistic.  On the other hand, you aren’t married to your career and there are times when it is right to move on.  Before you decide to launch a job search requiring time, effort, emotional and sometimes, financial investments, ask yourself the following:

  • Company fit: does your company’s culture align with your values?  Are you comfortable with the company’s mission, purpose and goals?  Are you treated fairly and with respect?
  • Work/Life Balance:  does your workload and schedule allow you enough personal and family time?  Do you have flexibility when you need it?  Is working from home an option?
  • Your Manager:  do you work well with your boss?  Are you respected, value and appreciated?
  • Your Talent:  are you using your knowledge, skills and abilities to meet your employer’s needs and leaving you with a sense of success?  Is your job fulfilling and challenging?
  • Work Environment:  are your surroundings ideal for you to work optimally?  Are you provided with the technical support and equipment  needed to perform to your max?
  • Advancement:  is there opportunity for advancement, additional training, responsibility and promotion?
  • Compensation:  are you fairly compensated (base salary, bonus and benefit package) and is your pay a true reflection of the value you bring to your company?  As a reference, compare your compensation to those on
  • Security: for the past few years,people were laid off who never thought it would be possible.  Do you feel secure or are there threats of mergers and layoffs?

I hope you answered positively to most of the above questions.  Even if you didn’t, consider what changes you can make in order for he job to meet your needs and fully utilize your gifts and talents.  If you have a good relationship with your manager, consider discussing your situation with him or her.  Human Resources is another option.  Over the years, I’ve helped many employees explore options and opportunities in their current organization.

If, however, your responses to the questions convinced you it’s time to move on, read the next blog.

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