Five Ways Emotional Intelligence can Boost your Career

Over the years, it has been discovered that IQ is not an accurate predictor of career success.  Rather, it is “the ability to understand and harness our emotions so that they work FOR us and NOT AGAINST us” that is the most important factor and predictor of success in the workplace.

Emotions influence our work lives as much as our personal lives but many people have not understood the basics of recognition and management of our emotions.  The basic concept is to accurately recognize them when they arise, identifying their root causes and triggers so that we can control our reactions to them.  After recognizing the triggers, many people make the mistake of avoiding those situations.  In addition to that being virtually impossible, it’s also not practical.  It’s much better to develop enhanced behaviors that allow you to manage your emotions while showcasing your strengths. Don’t fight against the emotions; rather, learn to handle them when they do arise.

With Emotional Intelligence, it is scientifically proven that you can continue to improve your effectiveness using the following principles:

  • Self-Perception – know who you are and what you believe in.  This results in your life and work taking on more satisfaction, decreased negativism and a desire to make a positive difference.
  • Self-Management – once you know yourself better, you can communicate your thoughts, opinions, and creative ideas with confidence.  You will meet commitments, hold yourself accountable, control negative impulses  and deal with stress and change much more effectively.  You will experience a fulfillment and sense of independence.
  • Self- Motivation – as someone who is continually developing, you set and pursue goals despite setbacks or obstacles.  You operate out of hope and optimism  rather than fear.
  • Social Awareness – sensing others’ cues and listening well leads you to recognizing needs and offering assistance.  You gain satisfaction from helping others develop by mentoring and coaching them.
  • Social Skills – delivering clear and influential messages, fostering open communication and inspiring others through win-win solutions naturally results in cooperative relationships and establishment of effective teams.

As a Career Coach who is certified in Emotional Intelligence assessment and facilitation, I can help you determine how you can harness this knowledge towards your career success.

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