Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a veterinarian?  How about a web developer?  An outstanding way to learn more about careers of interest to you is to talk with people who are already in the career field.

Most people are flattered to share information with someone who is interested in what they do. Not sure how to find someone in the area you are interested?  It’s easier than ever with Google and Linked In.

Simply search by googling  a job title or industry.  Use Linked In to find people through company names, professional organizations or by job title. Connnect  then email them or call them to introduce yourself and explain that you’re interested in knowing more about their job or profession. Don’t emphasize you are seeking employment yet; but rather, you’re looking for information and their advice.

The following are typical questions to ask in an informational interview:

  •   How did you choose this field or career?
  •   When did you begin your job or career?
  •   What school, training or certifications were required?
  •   How did you get your first job in this field?
  •   In addition to training, what experience would prepare me?
  •   Describe a typical day.
  •   What do you like best about your job or career?
  •   How has the job or career changed since you started?
  •   What do you like least about your job or career?
  •   What is a typical career path in this area?
  •   Where else could I find information about a career in this field?
  •   Who else could I speak with about a job in career or field?
  •   What additional information should I know about your career or profession?

Don’t forget to do your follow up after your interview.  Email or call them to thank them for their time and information.


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