Thanksgiving is Good for Your Career

It’s almost Thanksgiving Day and that serves as a reminder of how powerful the spirit of gratitude is to keep you motivated and positive about your career.  This past year, I’ve really focused on increasing my awareness of all the things for which I’m grateful and it has done wonders.  I encourage you to hold on to that “thanksgiving feeling” year round.  Here are a couple of ways you can do that:

  • Three Good Things –

Many people leave work with negative thoughts about their workday.  If done regularly, or over time,  that can significantly hinder performance as well as mental and physical health. One suggestion that positively redirects thoughts  is an intentional time of reflection at the end of each workday. Rather than bolting out the door, take a minute and think of three things that went well and for which you are grateful. In psychological studies, this simple activity has been found to improve optimism, resilience and creative thinking after only three months.  This tip is so powerful that you may consider applying it to your personal life as well.  People who keep a journal of “Three Good Things” by their bedside, and regularly write them down, sleep better and have a higher level of positivism in all areas of their lives.

  • Gratitude Stones –

Even if you aren’t completely satisfied with your career there are, most likely, things that you find enjoyable and appreciate.  With a permanent marker or pen, write a one or two word description of those on a stone and place it on your desk or in your workplace as a visual reminder throughout your day.  Don’t have a desk?  Place one or more of the stones in your pocket and pull them out when  needing a reminder of the good things (or people) at work. Creating something tangible makes an effective reminder to be grateful.

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