Is Santa Claus a Good Leader?

 Many companies are evaluating their employees’ performance this time of year.  What if Santa Claus was a manager?

We don’t have his Job Description but let’s start with this simple question:  Is he a leader?  If so, is he a good leader?  He definitely is well known and popular with most people.  He has a global presence.  His reputation is outstanding and he has had a long track record of high performance.  He is an authority and has a high level of “business knowledge”.  How about his team?  Do they like him?  How about his “customers” – what do they say about him?

  1. Santa has a great Brand: Everybody recognizes Santa and parents, as well as children, know they can count on him to bring joy to us during this season.  He performs consistently and often exceeds our expectations.  His message is clear – Be good and you will get a gift; if you aren’t, oh well. People know what Santa expects from them and what they can expect from Santa.
  2. Santa is an early Adopter: Santa is curious and keeps up with all the newest technologies, inventions, and gadgets.  You might say that he is an early adopter and promoter of innovation. Santa is no stranger to change and doesn’t waste time on the “storming, forming, norming cycle”.  He goes directly to embracing all new things and completes diligent research all year so that he knows what the newest trends are that his customers will most appreciate.
  3. Santa knows his Vision, Tactics & Priorities: Santa Claus has a plan, works diligently for most of the year, communicates effectively and we trust that he and his team will deliver on Christmas Eve. He has boundless energy yet he paces himself so that he can follow through and make his stakeholders happy.
  4. Santa is a Driver: Santa Claus and his team share the same clear mission. They have clear goals and know how to succeed.  His team know their roles and trust each other.  If problems occur in the assembly line, they quickly resolve them without conflict.  Santa recognizes their efforts, according to an insider; however, his elf recognition program remains top secret.
  5. Santa is a Role Model to all of us:  We never hear or read about Santa in the tabloids.  He has an outstanding character, does not lie, cheat or steal.  He has never been reported to be involved in scandals of any kind nor does he gossip about others.  He is a consummate gentleman and respecter of all.  He embraces diversity and loves everyone equally.

Whether or not you are a “follower” of Santa or not, you have to hand it to the guy – He’s GOOD!  I rate him as EXCEEDS!

4 thoughts on “Is Santa Claus a Good Leader?

  1. No – Santa is not a great leader. He gives feedback just once a year – either a toy or a lump of coal. Like many CEO’s he is rarely seen, but rumors of his comings and goings are common. And rather than be open to innovative ideas (Reindeer? Still? Really?), he stays cloistered with a small group of “yes men” (elves) throughout the year. I’m sorry, but no. Santa is a horrible leader.

  2. Isn’t it interesting that Santa can be characterized as a great leader as Patricia has done and that for just as many reasons, though different, Santa’s leadership qualities could be improved? I wonder if that is true for leaders in general. I wonder what the people around me say. It probably is mixed as well. Perhaps this idea of being a leader is something we work on all the time. I wonder how open Santa is to listening and learning from both those who love him and those who wish he would grow in his leadership style. On this Christmas morning when I am up earlier than anyone else, I kind of like the Santa I have known for so long. Merry Christmas to you, Patricia, for your friendship and for your great blogs. Merry Christmas to all who read this!

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