Showcase Emotional Intelligence on your Resume

There is good reason that EQi has created so much buzz – it’s effective! Most hiring managers are now giving more weight to emotional intelligence than five years ago and may even value it more than IQ.  In many cases, companies ask interview questions designed to assess candidate’s level of EQi so it’s crucial you understand the concepts of EQi and how it relates to your job search strategy.eqi 

What is EQi?  It is the ability to identify, assess and manage the thoughts and feelings of oneself and others.  If you read job postings, you will see key

words and phrases such as “position requires interpersonal and communication skills, ability to manage teams and resolve conflict.”

You certainly can prepare examples to demonstrate your competency in these arenas in order to be ready for the interview, but how do you do the same in your resume and cover letter? You can easily list accomplishments and experiences to show these traits on paper.

We all recognize how crucial it is to provide metrics to describe your experience scope and accomplishments.  Complement data specific information (what) with examples of your EQi (how).   In order to get started, ask yourself the following:

  • When have I exercised impulse control and self management to make a better decision, improve a work relationship or implement a creative or controversial idea?
  • How have I been able to accomplish results amidst an emotionally charged situation or negative workplace?
  • What method have I used to handle stress well in circumstances?  How has that ability helped me on the job?
  • When have I been successful by identifying and understanding others (colleagues, customers, those I manage, my supervisor)?
  • What achievements have I attained as a result of my influential and persuasive ability?  What did I say or do which may have changed people’s viewpoint in order to support a common goal?

These examples will certainly stand out to the recruiter or hiring manager.  They can be used, with much more detail, in the interview process to tell the stories behind your accomplishments.  You will have the opportunity to use the SOAR method by explaining the situation (S), your objective (O), the action you took (A) and the result (R) as a memorable accomplishment.    

The most important part of this formula is the action you took:

  •  your thought process around assessing the situation
  •  exploration of options
  •  the decision process leading to your action
  •  working with people to drive the results

By sharing these stories and examples with the hiring manager, you help the employer visualize and understand your emotional intelligence.  Stories are powerful and make a lasting impression.

(For other tips or to revamp your resume and prepare for your interview by role playing,  contact me at

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