Career Resilience: are women the stronger sex?

Don’t just take my word for it; successful author and speaker, Valorie Burton, sings the praises of EQi awareness and changing behaviors as means to enhancing resilience.

Resilience at work

Resilience at work

Emotional Intelligence Quotient, or EQi, has become the standard to predict work success.  Decades of research indicates that EQi trumps IQ and can be improved through 

awareness, knowledge and a “call to self” to change reactions when stress triggers come our way. Several factors measured by EQi relate to resilience:  flexibility, stress  tolerance and optimism.  Two are exceptionally important to the development of resilience:  happiness and optimism.  Happiness is a popular subject, judging from the number of books and articles written on the subject.  As good as that sounds, happiness is a transient feeling while optimism is more of a permanent outlook toward the future and grounded upon the choices made.

Unfortunately, studies show women to be less resilient.  The good news, however, is that resiliency can be enhanced.  Most feel less resilient in their  work lives if they sense a lack of control over their circumstances or future.  Developing a can-do attitude, based on recollection of past success, and coupled with thankfulness, can significantly increase overall optimism and resilience.

So where do you start?

  • Try writing out a list of to-dos and working on them one at a time.  Take large projects and break them into smaller parts so you sense progress as they are completed.  This, in turn, gives a sense of control and accomplishment.
  • End your work day with writing down three things that went well.  Include:
    • 1) what specifically was “good”,
    • 2) what you felt as a result and
    • 3) what your part was in the “good thing”.

You will be amazed at the lift this will give you after a week or so.

  • Choose personal improvement over reality TV.  When you set the goals around areas of interest, you are in control and are more apt to be successful.  While I ignored my own self-improvement for years, I feel empowered when I set goals to increase my exercise regimen by one additional day per week and to read two non-fiction books per month.

Developing new habits that support your feelings of wellbeing and optimism are important.  Stick with them and you will see amazing and positive changes.

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One thought on “Career Resilience: are women the stronger sex?

  1. I am not sure if it is a gender issue though there may be differences in how men and women experience emotions and thus the ability to slow down reactions. There is enough work here for all of us to give attention to how we get along with others and our ability to work as team members. It isn’t what you know that gets you in trouble at work. It is the emotional drama that drives employers crazy. If that shows up in an interview, the chances of being hired are minimal. Positive perspective changes how we view any situation. Being positive gives us the capability to overlook unintended slights that we can always find if we are looking for them. More importantly, a positive view helps us overlook our own limitations and faults and think about what we can do to make a difference. This is the point of your article especially the section on how to get started.

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