Linked In – Do It Right (Part 2)

In my last post,  I covered the basics of a Linked In Profile and one reader asked  for more techniques to create a winning strategy using this powerful job search/career management tool so here’s Part 2.

This post will help you to create the WOW factor you need to really showcase your talent and give you the needed competitive advantage.

... with LinkedIn

… with LinkedIn

Your ultimate goal is to interest the reader, whether that be a recruiter, hiring manager, colleague  or potential client into reading more of your profile, connecting with you, meeting with you and, ultimately, working with you.Linked In is like a “branding genie”,

free, and is constantly at work for you to use as a virtual marketing assistant toward your career success.

First priority:  Describe your unique strength or talent

  •   What sets you apart from others in your field?
  •   What can you do for an organization, company or others?  This highlights your strongest set    of skills, your greatest value and how you will use them.

Next:  Showcase your achievements and accomplishments

  •   Establish credibility and trust
  •   Build upon the reader’s interest in knowing more about you
  •   Create interest of how you can  contribute toward their goals

Then:  Explain what you have to offer 

  •  What is your specific expertise?
  •  How can you translate what you have done into opportunities for other organizations?

How can you make these points known on your profile?  Easy!  The Summary section is your “free advertisement”.  Use the three goals, listed above, and this formula to draft a sentence or two, then add more details until you have a short paragraph.

WHO you are + WHAT you do + HOW you do it

THEN WHAT?  In the following space, add even more detailed information to describe what you did.  Be careful NOT to write this like a job description or, worse yet, make the common mistake of copying and pasting your job description into the Experience section.

WHY?  Imagine yourself as a recruiter searching for a sales manager.  You are searching Linked In, using industry specific key words and “sales manager” and you find about a thousand profiles on Linked In.  Almost all will read like a job description manual.

“HOW DO I MAKE MY PROFILE STAND OUT?” you ask.  Include more specifics, metrics , your own achievements (i.e. I outsold 87% of my fellow sales managers in the district, exceeded sales goals 11 out of 12 consecutive months, brought in two new clients with annual sales of $350,000 each).  Doesn’t that say so much more than the standard job description verbiage?

DO YOU WANT RESULTS? This powerful change works to attract recruiters, hiring managers and potential customers.  Some of my clients started receiving calls and emails from recruiters within days of enhancing their Linked In profiles.  One received a call for an interview within a week!

NEED MORE HELP BUILDING A COMPELLING LINKED IN PROFILE?  I am ready to help with 1:1 coaching to your career success.  My most popular coaching service includes a Resume Renovation and Linked In Profile & Strategy.  Contact me at or  call me at 813/843-6934

“I wanted to change careers but didn’t know where to begin.  Patricia showed me how to improve my incomplete Linked In Profile, network with 100 people in the new industry (some in the company that I really wanted to get my foot in the door to), and find jobs not posted on Monster or other career boards.  It seemed so simple and now I know how to use these skills for the rest of my career.”   

3 thoughts on “Linked In – Do It Right (Part 2)

    • Thanks, Stephanie. That’s quite a compliment coming from you, a Linked In pro. Isn’t it amazing that, the more you explore Linked In functionalities, the more benefit it has for personal branding, job searching and connecting with colleagues for best practices?

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