Thanks Living – good for your Career

I never miss an opportunity to coach my readers to career success so posted “Thanksgiving is Good for your Career” last year at this time.  A year later, I’d like to add these thoughts.

Count your Blessings

Count your Blessings

I believe in Thanksgiving so much that, for the past few years, I have tried to adopt a Thanks Living attitude toward everything, including my career.  It has been life changing!  So, even as we approach Thanksgiving and look forward to being with friends, family, eating delicious food and enjoying each other’s company (whether it is by shopping or watching football), I encourage you to consider the following when you return to work:

Adopt a Thanks Living attitude.  While we officially observe one day giving Thanks, as a national holiday, approach your career with a thankful outlook.  We all prefer to work around people who express gratitude toward others and are appreciative of having a job and career.  Find yourself looking for the positive rather than focusing on the negative and you will naturally be happier and more confident. You will also be amazed at the good things that happen to you and around you thanks to the Law of Attraction.

Choose Joy and Optimism.  Notice I didn’t write “be” joyful and optimistic but, rather, used the verb “choose” because it is a deliberate and intentional decision to be cheerful and optimistic.  This can be especially challenging if your work environment is less than a positive one.  Today I was witness to a group of employees, in a major department store, who were setting up Christmas displays and every one of them was complaining about something.  Negativism is one of the most contagious diseases so try your best to be immune to it.  How?  Don’t be afraid to be the contrarian, the one who offers a positive perspective.  I hung a poster in my office which states : “Something wonderful is always about to happen” and it’s had a tremendous effect on my outlook as well as others who visit me.    I have been told, by coworkers and clients, that that saying has had long lasting impact on them, often changing their whole day from bad to good.  What a privilege to have been a small part of their joy.

Share the Hope with others.  Just as you pass the good food around the table at Thanksgiving, share your positive outlook, your hope and your thanks to those around you, whether it be your co workers, your manager or a hiring manager.  These traits are exactly what employers are looking for so don’t be shy about demonstrating your upbeat attitude through actions and stories.  When asked “tell me about a difficult situation at work and how you handled it” be prepared to shine with an example of how you persevered and succeeded through an attitude of thanksliving.

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