Work from Home Success

Working from Home?  Now What?

Work from Home Success

Work from Home Success

Almost 70% of college students and young professionals question working in a brick and mortar office (based on a recent Cisco survey).  It’s a good thing that many corporations are expanding their remote employee workforce to coincide to the shift.  Another study shows that over 80% of US employees work remotely at least once a week.  Yes; answering emails on your smartphone is counted.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind?

One challenge facing employers is how to keep remote employees engaged when they do not have as many contacts with their manager or fellow employees.  Another issue that crops up:  as good as a remote worker, sometimes they are concerned that they may be perceived as not as engaged – perhaps even a slacker.  “Out of sight, out of mind” ring a bell with anyone?

Dead end for my career? Not so!

So some wonder if it could hurt their promotional pursuits and career. Worries that their boss doesn’t remember that they are part of the team and doesn’t run into them in the hall.  This, all put together, can create challenges to most but there are ways to ensure that communication is effective.  Remote workers have a challenge in establishing and maintaining an “emotional” connection to the workforce in the office due to the the reality of no face time or minimal at best.

Keep in touch:

  • Your manager may not see your face every day but ensure that s/he sees your name.  Increased efforts to communicate are needed.
  • Explore tech available to have “face” time such as skype and videoconferencing.
  • Ask if it would be beneficial for you to come in to the office once a week (if that is possible). Ask if there are meetings or trainings which you should attend in person.
  • If your manager calls you at home, be positive and prepared to offer a summary of what you are working on, results, and accomplishments.  You need to showcase your results a bit more.
  • IM, text or tweet and phone to keep in contact.  Be cognizant of generational and/or organizational preferences to determine which mode of communication is best.  If not sure, ask.
  • Network as much as possible, inside the company and outside.  Build and maintain strong relationships so people know what you do, how you do it and how well you do it.

Success starts with you

Lastly, remember that the ultimate reason that people, remote or in the office, get promoted are the same: efficiency, effectiveness and results.  Unfortunately, the reverse can be said.  The reason people get fired are the same as in the office.  Take the precautions to not let your personal surroundings interfere with work.

Your Job Search and Career are my priority.  It’s my passion!  I have been responsible for hiring and developing high potentials like you for over 25 years in Fortune 500 companies.  I’ve made selection and promotion decisions as well as coached professionals to their career success.  I’d love to discuss your career success.

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