The Perfect Job? It’s about Fit

Having had countless of opportunities to select ideal employees for successful companies, I now love to share my “inside” information with job seekers.  Unfortunately, I have heard this so many times from managers:

Measure up the organization for a perfect job fit

Measure up the organization for a perfect job fit

The candidate seemed so ideal for the job

…Impressive resume and background

…Dressed and spoke the part perfectly

…Warm smile & firm handshake

…Great answers

…Accepted the offer

…Joined your organization

… And it didn’t work out

What, you may ask, went wrong?  Though I am an advocate for “hiring for attitude over skill”, in most cases, I am in the minority. Hiring managers still are tempted to  select for skill and 

 experience, only to learn later that the selection was not a good fit.

If you  just graduated, desire a career transition, were recently laid off, or are looking for a promotion, here is the best strategy to ensure that you are not a statistic of failure for a company:


  • Choose the company – not the job.

    • Most job seekers search out positions without much thought to the organization.
    • Do your homework – identify organizations which share your value system, have a good culture match for you, offer you opportunities for growth and advancement
    • Connect to the company
      • Build a network with the recruiters and hiring managers or others who have influence over hiring decisions
      • Maximize the power of Linked In and company Facebook Pages – what is the latest news?  Are they growing?  New product line or service?
      • The more you know about the company and about people who work there, the better chances you have of getting hired.

Even with all the online resources available, very few people actually research out information about the company, its products, goals, vision and culture. Even fewer network with potential decision makers.

Your chances of getting hired from a job posting are so slim compared to networking.  Some experts estimate you only have a less than a 3% chance of getting hired from a job posting but almost 80% of jobs are filled from networking.  Convinced now?  And, through, networking, thousands of people have convinced organizations that their potential value was worthy of a newly created position.  Now that is super-charged networking.

How companies fill jobs

Lastly, don’t jump at the first job posting you see.  Your perceived desperation will show through and you, most likely, will be miserable.

  • Know your signature strengths, talents and skills
  • Identify an organization which will provide you an opportunity to use those strengths, talents and skills frequently and provide professional development and career growth for you
  • When combined, these two critical steps add up to a perfect and ideal job that you can do better than anyone else

Now that is Perfect Fit!

(For other tips or to revamp your resume and prepare for your interview by role playing,  contact me at  Patricia @

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4 thoughts on “The Perfect Job? It’s about Fit

  1. Finding the right fit is important both for the employer and the employee. I have watched organizations, I have worked for, hire someone because they were attracted by one strong quality or contribution the applicant had that no one else seemed to have. Other qualities that became more significant in the long run were overlooked. When this happens everyone loses. The person responsible for the hiring has to accept some of the responsibility. The employee moves on to another position and what looked like a great match has negative consequences. To temper my comments, sometimes you just don’t know how it will work out. No matter what either party does, you can’t always tell about the match in advance. Like a marriage, we make adjustments for those we work with and they do the same for us. The match made in heaven is often made in the office by those who really wanted it to work.

  2. Patricia, This really looks good. The look and feel of your blog is as good as anything I read. Your content is excellent.

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