Missing Something on your Linked In Profile?

As an educated and informed job seeker, you know that your Linked In Profile is as crucial as your Resume.  You have added detail and you look at it one last time before declaring it as “final”.


Photo uploaded?     checkmark2

Headline under your photo?

Contact Information?  Experience?

Skills & Endorsements?


Member (and participate in) Groups?

Hold on; are you missing something? 

What about your “Summary”?  Beneath your photo, headline, contact info, one of the most important sections of Linked In waits to be used but commonly is forgotten.  By not completing, you are compromising your profile’s effectiveness.  Some job seekers don’t think the summary statement is important but it like an “open door” to the rest of your profile.


open doorThe Summary statement leads the reader to the remainder of your experience and credentials.  If the recruiter’s interest is piqued, by the summary statement, s/he continues to read your profile, recommendations, endorsements and the “rest of your story”.  If it is not, s/he moves on to the next profile and you lose your opportunity of what might have been a position perfectly matched to you.

Need more reasons to write a compelling summary?

  • SEO – search engine optimization.  A keyword rich summary statement will help you rank higher when recruiters search for people with your qualifications.
  • Branding – keeping in mind that the linked in profile is not the same as your resume, you can utilize creativity to describe your career history in terms of a value proposition to potential employers.  Ask yourself:  what message do you want to create?
  • Be Yourself – unlike with your resume, the linked in profile allows you to express your personality and uniqueness.  What connection do you want to make?
  • Tell your story like no one else can – you have a unique set of education and career experiences.  Share exactly what you want a potential employer to know without being restricted by any prescribed notions or expectations.  A word of caution:  be “professional”.

Just as an elevator speech is critical if attending a network function, a summary is critical to your linked in profile success.  Use metrics and data to showcase your accomplishments and grab attention so the recruiter will want to interview you and learn more about how you, such as these examples:

  • Increased sales by 37% in 6 months
  • Reduced costs of sales training by 51% and saving $19,500

Bullet points are easy to read but freely use your 2,000 character space to tell your story.  It’s yours and your career depends upon you telling it well.

For more information on optimizing your Linked In Profile, learning advanced Linked In functions or other job search strategies, contact Patricia@CareerWisdomCoach.com. 

Photo sources: fotosearch.com and ct.gov

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