SELF EMPLOYED? Why you still need a resume

Entrepreneurs need similar marketing tools as job seekers.


I recently received a request from a successful business owner  – a resume and professional bio.  Since most of my clients are professionals seeking new career opportunities,   I assumed she was

Even the Boss needs a resume

Even the Boss needs a resume

changing life directions and seeking a corporate position.  Wrong.  She shared that she was redefining her marketing strategy and had been asked, by potential investors, for her “credential documents.”

If you have your own business or considering a start up and you think “no more resumes – ever!” think again.  Thinking you will never need to go through the grueling process of writing about  your experiences and accomplishments?

Not quite so fast. Consider these scenarios:

  1. Just as my client, prospective investors in your service, product, or concept will require to know your background and qualifications before investing a dime.
  2. Similar to investors, banking loan offers routinely ask for a resume or bio as part of the loan approval process.
  3. What about potential customers? They may ask to see your qualifications before doing business with you.  Would you trust your dentist, lawyer or physician without knowing if s/he had education and experience?
  4. Many companies select service providers using an RFP (Request for Proposal) process which includes submittals of comprehensive information on account managers and business owners. This info is used to compare and contrast others competing for the contract as well as introductions during the presentations to decision makers.
  5. Speaking of presentations, if you speak to individuals or groups to market your business, they may request a biography to read to the audience prior to you taking the podium.

A resume serves as the foundation for an executive biography for:

  • Your website
  • Marketing materials to promote your business
  • Social media profiles to establish your company and personal brand.

For start-ups:

If you are new to running your own business, you especially need to be prepared to share your credentials to your first clients.   The message you convey via your resume and executive bio is critical for you to attract your ideal clients and customers

Different Purpose, Different Resume?

Now that you may be thinking, “I could really use an updated and targeted resume showcasing what I have done for others and what I can do for my new clients”, what will it look like?

An entrepreneurial resume’s purpose  is to establish trust and interest when read by potential leads, investors and clients.

  • Achievements are critical
  • Spell out scope of responsibility (number of people, products, budget, or territory you were responsible for).  Metrics and data are essential.
  • Most accomplishments can be based on or more of these:
    • Make money
    • Save money
    • Improve processes
    • Increase efficiencies
    • Increase market share
    • Land new clients

So if you are starting up a new business,  changing your current direction or expanding, you may need to brush the dust off your outdated resume and repurpose it.  Think of it like this though: you have a story to tell and it is a compelling one.


It is hard to write about yourself.  That’s where I come in.  After reviewing thousands of resumes and selecting hundreds of people for Fortune 500 companies, I now reverse engineer the process to help individuals with a smarter, strategic job search. 

Contact me at or 813/843-6934

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