Career Transition to HR – Yes you can!

Before becoming a Career Coach, I was an HR “purist” and my entire corporate career (25+ years) was spent recruiting, interviewing, selecting, managing, developing and counseling employees.  Additionally, as an HR manager, I hired almost 40 people to work with me and many of them came from other occupations with no experience in HR.  

All of these professionals had two things in common: 

  1. A strong desire to work in the field of Human Resources
  2. Absolutely NO experience in Human Resources

But they all had common experiences and strengths:

  • Communications – verbal and written
  • Problem Solving
  • Analytical expertise
  • Conflict Management Skills
  • Influential Ability
  • Ability to “Work in the Gray” and See the Big Picture

I love to help clients, in a variety of professions, successfully make the transition to Human Resources management and many took divergent paths to get there.

Are you interested in making a career move into Human Resources?

  • Research job postings and identify education, transferable skills and experience. If you possess this background, highlight it in your resume and LinkedIn profile.
  • If currently working in a company with an HR department, ask your manager what opportunities you could volunteer for to gain experience
  • Meet with HR to state your interest and ask if you could assist with some projects.  An example would be to help out with a Career Fair
  • Connect and network with HR professionals on Linked In and in your local community.  Two include SHRM, the Society for Human Resource Management, and ATD, Association for Training & Development.  Most organizations have members who volunteer to mentor or counsel people interested in their profession.
  • Check out internships at companies and non profit organizations to gain hands on experience.
  • Take some classes or earn a PHR, A Professional in Human Resources Certification, to learn and demonstrate you are serious about the field.
  • If  interested in Recruiting or Talent Acquisition, consider working with a temporary or staffing company to gain valuable experience in sourcing, interviewing and  making selection decisions.

Now, as a Career Coach and Job Search Strategist, I educate and empower new grads and professionals on what they can do to showcase their transferable education and experience (a.k.a.  “Breaking the Code”) in order to be interviewed and selected into Recruiting, Benefits, H.R. Analysis, Employee Relations and Talent Management.



My #1 goal is your career success and I love to help people break into HR.  Contact me at for more information.

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