Reset & Restart your Career this Summer

Summer and holidays are a time when most people sit back, relax and do their best not to think about work but, for many, it’s a time to contemplate a new career altogether.

These breaks in your regular routine provide an opportunity to take stock and reflect on your working life and consider taking a big leap to do something different.

As part of that decision, you will need to have a strategy.

For beginners, Avoid these 5 common pitfalls.


  1. Don’t jump into a new career before some serious reflection

You might be miserable or unfulfilled but make sure you don’t just make the change to escape your current situation.  Take the time to complete some self and career assessments as well as researching a “day in the life of” that profession you have interest in pursuing.  A good resource is, especially when combined with connecting with someone already in the job so you can ask candid questions.


  1. Don’t chase what is popular; make sure you see yourself in it for awhile

Research the forecasted workforce needs of your newly discovered interest to make sure you don’t make the change to only discover the job soon becomes obsolete due to technology or lack of need in a few years. Look carefully into the fields you’re considering by networking, reading and doing online research. Connect with college alumni, friends, colleagues or family to get the scoop on different careers.  You will be amazed how much information you can gain from people you know or their connections.

  1. Don’t just chase the dollars!

I have worked with several clients who pursued a lucrative career exclusively due to the potential of a high compensation package. They discovered that no money is enough to overcome misery and dissatisfaction. Workplace dissatisfaction and stress is a leading 1 health problem for working adults.


  1. Don’t assume you have to go back to school for retraining

So many times we assume we need to go back to college or technical training to get a degree and credentials for a change.  That may not be true, depending upon your interest.  If you have worked for a few years, you have developed skills and expertise, some of which might be transferable to a new profession.  Again, do your homework before you move forward.  Consider volunteer work to gain experience in a different industry and gain new experience.


  1. Don’t expect someone else to tell you what your perfect career is

Once you share your interest and plans for a career change with friends and family, be prepared for an onslaught of advice.  Be cautious; only you can decide what is right for you.  I have helped hundreds discover their interest and identify their strengths, as well as those transferable skills discussed previously, but the decision has to ultimately be made by you.  Stay away from anyone who promises to tell you what your perfect career is.

Pursue your passion to your ideal career

Interested in learning more about discovering a new career and making a successful career change?  Read more articles like this one on and contact me at

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