Consider these facts: On any given day, almost 500,000 job applicants apply to the Monster job board in hopes that they will be contacted for an interview.  Additionally, an average of 250 resumes are received for each corporate job opening. Finding a job posting that seems a perfect match for you isn’t the answer either because the first resume is received within 200 seconds after a position is posted. (Source:  http://www.ere.net)

Now that you understand what you are up against, how do you differentiate yourself from your competition?

Demonstrate your credibility.

Showcase your strengths, reputation and value.


 Enhance your job search strategy with Stories.  But not just any stories; your storyline must be about WHAT you did for WHOM to produce WHAT RESULT.  Throw in the obstacles and challenges you faced and you just made it a story people will remember.  Why is the obstacle important?

It invokes emotion in your reader

It creates suspense  –  the listener will want to know the end of the story

 #2 – QUOTES

It may sound overly formal or old school; however, when you receive a compliment that speaks to your differention, your BRAND, ask “May I quote you on that?”  Of course, s/he will say yes and humbled that you would want to use their statement of endorsement. 

How to use quotes?  A former colleague, who is in the job market, recently updated his linked in profile and recalled that I had referred to him as a “Renaissance Human Resource professional” because he not only mastered the HR analytics but was an influential communicator.  That phrase helps him stand out against the slew of HR executive candidates. It creates curiosity on the part of the reader and I am sure that he will be asked, in the job interview, “Tell us more about how you are a renaissance HR man”.  That’s a great start to what will be an opportunity for him to share success stories and achievements.


By now everyone knows how critical metrics are in a resume so how does that differentiate you?  Let’s break down the concept of metrics:

  1. The first are statistics and facts that demonstrate positive results with a customer who has used your services. In my case, I would share that I was HR Director of a company which was named a Best Place to Work, in the “large employer category”,  for six consecutive years.  Additionally,  I was able to slash attrition of the second shift workgroup, from 54% to 37% within one year.  Both leave an impression that I did “something” that worked to increase employee engagement and retention and invites me to share those success stories.
  2. The second are statistics that show a need for using your services.  This requires you to have done your due diligence to research the organization’s “pain points” so you can provide insight and share how you would approach the job and what you could do for the organization. That type of thinking also is effective because your posture is such that you have “already been hired”, conveying  positive energy and confidence.  The caveat is to not to take it too far and make assumptions.

Most job seekers still make the mistake of not thinking like a sales leader when it comes to influencing potential employers and recruiters.  Think like a hiring manager and get hired sooner by asking yourself what that organization needs that you can provide.

For more job search success articles, go to http://www.CareerWisdomCoach.com

I help clients get hired by designing compelling resumes and LinkedIn profiles.  Check out the testimonials from some of them on Linked In and my website. I would love to help you.


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