It is not Relevant

  • Either your experience doesn’t match up to what is required of the position or it does and you have not shown how.  Do you meet 80% of the qualifications noted in the job posting.  If your education and experience are a match to the job requirements, make sure it is very clear in your resume.  Use the same keywords and phrases as noted in the job posting. Don’t forget that  includes Education, Experience, Certifications and Skills noted throughout the description of the position.
  • Don’t assume that the recruiter will connect the dots.  With responsibility for filling 10 – 50 job vacancies, they are simply too busy to do that job for you.    You may very well have the background which is a perfect match for the position but you need to communicate that so the reader of your resume sees that within a few seconds.  6 seconds to be exact according to


Location, Location, Location – not just a Real Estate Mantra

  • Your Headline, Summary, Achievements and Results are where recruiters first search for matching key words and phrases.  Those are the most important “real estate” areas and that is where your most important information should be – and easy to locate.
  • You may have included your most relevant and highest achievements in the resume but it is not easily found.  Recruiters are too busy (see above) to read every single word of your resume.

Changing Careers – “What if I have never done the job?”

  • In that case, it’s even more important for you to identify and showcase the background you possess which is most relevant to the qualifications cited in the job posting.
  • The recruiter needs to be able to “clearly see you in the job” by understanding your transferrable education, experience and accomplishments.

You need to Pick a Lane

  • Many job seekers approach their job search with interest in multiple career directions.  My mottos are “You have to pick a lane” and “a focused job search is a successful job search.”  There is no way you can be successful navigating a job search of 5 different career choices.
  • It is great to have lots of interests but your resume is a marketing tool and the message needs to be clear and focused as in a marketing.campaign..
  • You cannot write one resume that matches up to multiple and varied job postings because nobody can excel in many different things. We all have our areas of strengths and expertise in a few things.
    • Focus on your “Top 3” and match them to job posting requirements and qualifications.
    • Include those in your resume summary section, referencing achievements and don’t forget to include what others recognize you for.

You lack the Proof

  • Want a powerful and compelling resume?  Don’t just “tell” the reader; “show” the reader your results. Use numbers and percentages when speaking to your success at saving costs, increasing volume or revenue.
  • Quantify your strengths and achievements rather than using adjectives and overused powerless words and phrases such as “dynamic, accomplished, seasoned, and team player.”  “Collaboration” is a much needed and hired for skill in organizations so concisely describe the results of your collaborative work. such as your work as a project team leader or driving sales results.

If you found this information helpful, read other articles on job search and career success at .  Want help with your job search from someone who has reviewed over 40,000 resumes, interviewed thousands and hired hundreds?  Contact me at



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