Ready for the EQi Job Interview?

You better be because most organizations have learned Emotional Intelligence  is the key to identifying which candidates will be successful employees – much more than hiring for knowledge, technical or clinical expertise.

Showcasing your Emotional Intelligence will give you a huge competitive edge

There’s nothing new about the concept of emotional intelligence. The term became a part of the standard business lexicon in 1995 when author and psychologist, Daniel Goleman, analyzed jobs and found that 67 percent of the 181 competencies that distinguish the best performers at work are emotional competencies. In fact, when compared to Intelligence Quotient (IQ) and expertise, EI mattered twice as much! This explains why the interview  process is longer and more complex.

Companies are using:

  • EQi based assessments as part of the screening process
  • Internal recruiters often ask a few EQi questions to decide which candidates are passed on to the hiring manager
  • Many companies are training their leaders how to assess EQi by asking interview questions such as the following.

These questions have been carefully researched and validated at identifying the most relevant EQi attributes are critical to the specific position.

Interview questions to assess Emotional Intelligence Competency


Tell me about yourself. (Not just an ice-breaker.  This innocent sounding question is your opportunity to communicate your value in a compelling and succinct way.  Think ‘elevator pitch’)

How would your colleagues describe you?

Tell me about your strengths and your limitations.

Tell me about a time when you received feedback.

Tell me about a time when you had a great success.

Tell me about a time when you made a big mistake.


How did you handle a recent stressful situations?

Tell me about a time when you got angry over a work situation.

When did you last feel most under pressure at work?

How did you handle a recent project requiring multiple demands?


What motivates you?

How do you measure success? What results do you achieve?

Tell me about some challenging goals you have set.

What do you look for in a manager?  What type of coaching style?

How do you overcome obstacles and setbacks?

What are you currently doing for professional development?


Describe a time when you had to deliver difficult news.

How did you handle a recent customer’s or colleague’s problem?

Describe what role you play in your work team – leader, follower, mediator, etc?

FINAL WORDS – Be prepared to answer these specific questions designed to shed light on how you best can perform the posted position and fit into the organization.

WANT TO KNOW MORE?  I am certified to assess, train and coach individuals and corporate teams in becoming their best self through Emotional Intelligence.  Contact me at to learn how I can help you.

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