I’m thrilled to be a part of this Amazon Best Selling book,

YouMap: A step by step guide to Identify and Land a job you will love by Kristin Sherry 


  • Identify your career interests, key strengths, work style and preferences through a series of assessments and exercises I will administer.
  • Discover how your personality traits and preferences impact what careers are best for you.
  • Match them to a career that is a perfect fit.
  • In a  follow up coaching session we will incorporate your discoveries, assessment results and findings into your job search and tie it all together. Now you are ready to tackle your Resume and LinkedIn Profile for results! Read more information on CHANGING CAREERS.

Resume Renovation, Linked In Optimization 

Today’s resume must be more than a chronological history or read like a job description.

Stand out among the hundreds of other candidates.

  • Showcase your strengths.
  • Lead with your Career Brand.
  • Focus on your achievements and accomplishments.
  • Together we will design a resume with immediate visual impact.
  • Your resume will be keyword rich – to be found in databases and Linked In searches.
  • I will help you optimize your Linked In profile.
  • I will teach you how to use Linked In strategically so you can:
    • Network directly with recruiters and hiring managers.  Is your linked in profile optimized?
    • Establish yourself as a thought leader in your field.
    • Target specific organizations and industries.
    • Promote yourself to potential employers.

 Cover Letters – Don’t underestimate the Power

Is your cover letter killing your job search?

Is your cover letter killing your job search?

If well crafted, your resume will be read.

If poorly written, your qualifications may not even be considered.

As a former HR and Talent Manager, I know what it takes to write a cover letter that complements your resume or online application.

  • My format concisely presents your qualifications so you stand out.
  • Your cover letter will attract recruiters to you because you will be concise and provide them with the right information to be “interview worthy”.

Interview Coaching

In the competitive job market, just landing an interview can be challenging. People apply to an average of seven jobs just to get called for one interview. So once you actually get to meet with a potential employer in person, it’s important to stand out from the crowd and make it clear that you’re the one for the job. I’ve interviewed hundreds of job candidates, many of whom were not hired because they did not present themselves well. Be prepared for your interview whether it be face to face with an individual or group, by phone or SKYPE.

  • I ask the questions; you respond and I critique your answer, offering you a better response.
  • Benefits:  you know what questions will be asked and you will be confidently prepared.
  • Most companies ask behavioral interview questions.  Many ask Emotional Intelligence type questions.  I know what questions you can expect and can prepare you to ace the interview.

 Your job search doesn’t stop there……..I can also help you with:

  • A targeted job search
  • Company research so you find a perfect fit culture
  • Working with executive search firms
  • Writing an Executive Biography
  • Compiling a career portfolio
  • Job offer negotiation (salary, benefit and counter offers)
  • 30-60-90 day plans (often requested in management interviews)

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Changing Careers or Need Help Identifying your Ideal Career?