Jack Kristofik

J.K. Pharmaceutical Account Manager | Relationship Builder

Patricia helped me with a relocation that made a dream come true. My resume was brought to a professional level by Patricia, and she guided me in my research to make the difficult very simple and easy to understand. Her one-on-one coaching proved invaluable. If considering any kind of career move or change, call Patricia.

Clark Finnical, MBA, CTM

C.F. Author of The Job Seeker’s Advocate

Patricia’s experience as a Talent Manager where she selected thousands of job candidates at top companies puts her in an ideal position to advise and coach job seekers. Anyone who has had the good fortune of reading Patricia’s articles and blogs knows that her knowledge and experience make her an ideal coach and mentor for job seekers.

Felicia Johnson

 F.JPublic Relations | Communications Executive

I contacted Patricia to help me prepare for job interviews, since I had been out of the job market for a number of years. Patricia’s personalized approach helped me tremendously and I received the job offer.  A few years later, I contacted Patricia and she helped me craft an achievement based resume and LinkedIn profile that told my unique career story.  Without question, I highly recommend Patricia to anyone who is starting a job search or experiencing difficulty getting a job. It has been an amazing, worthwhile experience for me.

Miguel Angel Garcia, MBA, PMP

M.A.G. Transformational Financial Executive | CFO at Florida Orchestra

Through her expertise and coaching, Patricia, helped me update my resume and linked-in profile to reflect my achievements and demonstrate my value as a C level financial executive. Patricia was also great help in interview coaching and implementing effective communication techniques. I found that her coaching increased my exposure and opened the door to a myriad of opportunities. I recommend Patricia to any professional or executive who is serious about succeeding in their next career move.

Lisa Hrenko

 L.H.  Director of Education @ Brain Fitness

The knowledge and experience that Patricia has shared with me has been invaluable in my job search, and just as importantly, within my personal life. Her warm and caring methods to gain a better insight into what I needed, felt more like a conversation with a dear friend. She provided clear guidance on how to highlight my strengths that enabled me to map out my professional goals. The homework needed to get there challenged me and I grew through that process.  I can attest that Patricia’s mentoring skills, real world experience and strong desire to help others has made a difference in my career strategy. I always look forward to getting her blog-posts via email so that I may attempt to glean some of her career wisdom!

Shetay Ashford, Ph.D.

S.A.  Ph.D. |Professor of Workforce Development | STEM Educator 

Patricia and I worked together as co-faciliators of the “Empower Your Job Search” workshop. She is a brilliant facilitator who exudes passion and genuine concern for her audience. Her knowledge and expertise in Emotional Intelligence (EQi) proved to be very impactful to the workshop participants. Patricia is an excellent resource for workshop facilitation and one-on-one coaching.

James (Jimmy) Moore

J.M. Financial Representative | Values & Investment for Peace of Mind

Like so many people I had been with one employer for a long time and was wondering if there was something else that would be a better fit and more rewarding. I met with Patricia and we talked about my values, work style preferences and transferable skills. She is focused but very easy to talk to and one of the most encouraging people I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. Patricia helped me see my strengths and how they could be used in another work setting. We worked together to design a more effective resume and since I was pursuing a career in another field we worked together to create my LinkedIn profile and initiate networking.
When my current position came up, I bounced ideas and questions off Patricia and she instilled confidence that I would be successful. At this point I felt like the athlete that had trained so hard and wanted to preform once put in the game. Because of Patricia’s wise counsel and encouragement I began the interview process like none before. (Thanks for helping me get the job Patricia!) Patricia was and still is an invaluable source of career wisdom and encouragement.

Quay Snyder

Q.S.  Data Analysis to Drive  Business Results | Senior Consultant at Booz Allen Hamilton

Patricia helped me showcase my career experience in my resume and on Linked In so that my achievements in sales and operations are represented well to potential employers. She also emphasized that my job search marketing communications needed to be Branded (something I well understand from my experience in marketing and sales). I’m pleased with both my resume and linked in profile and am looking forward to a successful career. Since I wasn’t well versed in interviewing skills, Patricia also coached me in better communicating my strengths and value to prospective employers.

Anna Einarsen
A.E.  Marketing & Branding Manager, Sales (Global Oil Industry – Norway)

Thanks to Patricia’s competent advice and guidance, my resume reached a completely new level of proficiency. Her extended knowledge and sharp observations made me not only look differently at my resume but also at myself as a job seeker. Through the dialogue with Patricia I got better understanding of my strengths and possibilities.
With her personal approach and genuine interest in her client’s success, Patricia will absolutely bring unprecedented value to your resume or LinkedIn profile optimization.

Caroline Murphy, MBA

C.M. Manager of Business Development & Special Projects

Patricia has been a wonderful guide through my job/career search. She is very knowledgeable about the various networking tools and is a wonderful coach. I would recommend her to anyone.

 Christopher Williams

C.W. Restoring independence in patients impacted by Traumatic Brain Injury

Patricia provides career advice that is wise and authentic. She truly cares about her clients’ careers as though they were her own. She is passionate about helping those who pursue career excellence and, in addition to being a job search and career expert, leads people through self discovery as she inspires, teaches and coaches. She challenges traditional thinking and is very responsive to requests. For anyone interested in their own career success, contact Patricia.

Chris Martin
C.M.  Senior Manager Customer Experience

After spending 9 years with the same employer and looking at my resume with the same mindset, it paid dividends to have an expert  give me a fresh perspective. Patricia provided my resume and profile with the “WOW” effect I was looking for. She was very generous with her time and you can tell she cares about exceeding her client’s expectations and helping them achieve their objectives.

Lisa Barco

L.B.   Manager of Accounting |Results, Resolution & Change via Financial Analysis

Patricia is a true asset for helping professionals identify their career (and personal) aspirations and coaching them through the daunting job search process. She gently guides you through resume improvement, LinkedIn profile enhancements and job search techniques. Patricia offers recommendations based on her personal experience in corporate HR. I found the process to be insightful, focused, uplifting and enjoyable. It was a pleasure working with Patricia and I am so glad I found her!

Martha Hanthorn
M.H.  Health Care Quality Manager & Patient Experience

Patricia has an inherent ability to meet each person where they are individually in their career needs. Her adept active listening skills and feedback facilitate personal reflection and clarity in setting career goals, as well as accomplishing tasks to reach those goals. With her assistance, I clearly defined what my ideal job looked like, developed a LinkedIn profile and contemporary resume that branded that message, and prepared to be the standout candidate in targeted interviewing. It has been delightful to work with Patricia and experience proven results.

 Bridget Mazzuco
B.M. Cardiovascular Sonographer/Ultrasound Instructor

I am very new to the “career coaching” field, and did not know much about it before I contacted Patricia, among others, for help in finding a new job. After speaking with her on the phone, I knew I should hire her because I could immediately tell that she genuinely cares about helping people find their perfect job. She is very knowledgeable, and has some great ideas. I would recommend her to anyone looking to get help with resume building and job searching strategies.

Markhabo El Nasser

M.E. Language Division Manager | Interpretor

Patricia is an ambassador for staff development and is very gifted in identifying talent. I had the pleasure to be mentored by Patricia Edwards on multiple occasions. Her advice in determining a career path and personal development steps were extremely valuable for me.

L.S.Office Manager / National Accounts Specialist 

Recently divorced, I had worked with my ex-husband in our family business for 20 years and had no confidence in finding a comparable job.  Patricia guided me through a process she calls “career exploration” and I discovered my strengths, priorities, values and skills that could be transferred to other careers.  I regained my confidence by working with Patricia and I highly recommend her if you are in your 40’s and changing careers.  The interview role playing was extremely helpful.  I credit it for a great interview and being quickly hired into a large company with lots of potential for promotion.  Patricia had more faith in me than I had in myself and I am thankful for her support, encouragement and knowledge of how the job process works.


“I wasn’t sure I could afford a career coach but I wish I would have contacted Patricia, the Career Coach, a year ago.  I wasted time trying to get my resume just right but I didn’t know what companies were looking for.  That’s what is different about Patricia.  I saw a quick return on investment because I started getting interviews a week after we were finished and was hired a month later – for $12k more than I was making.  Give her a call.  She will help you make your resume stand out!”        July 2016

“Patricia:  Thank you so much!  The interviews were wonderful.  I can’t thank you  enough.  The mock question session with you helped me tremendously!  In fact, the hiring manager asked the question – what would be the first things I would do when I came on the job. Thanks to you, I was ready with my answer and he was seemed very impressed.  I also met with his manager and another senior manager.  I was able to give good examples of what I had done and we even shared some laughs.  If I don’t get the job, I would be a little surprised, but it was well worth it to do the [mock] interviews because I think I’m going in a good direction.  Thanks so much!”  (update – the client accepted a new job)         November 2015


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