Emotional Intelligence is the “It” Factor that answers the question: “Why do some people, with high IQs, fail in life and their career, struggle with work relationships and are very poor leaders?” and “Why are other people, with average intelligence, successful employees, managers and leaders?”

Emotional Intelligence accounts for 74% of Career Success

Harvard Business Review endorses Emotional Intelligence with a special edition publication June 2014


I offer assessment and coaching of individuals and organizations using the Bar-On EQi 2.0 assessment and have witnessed the power of transformation once a person knows their baseline results and exhibits individual behavioral changes to enhance their emotional intelligence.

JOB SEEKERS: Ready for the Emotional Intelligence Interview?

  • Companies hire for Emotional Intelligence because they know experience and education is not enough.
  • Companies ask interview questions based on emotional intelligence to determine:
    • what motivates you
    • what stresses you
    • if you are a team player
    • your conflict management style
    • your leadership style

ORGANIZATIONS:  How can Emotional Intelligence Improve your Bottom Line?

  • Select better employees through Emotional Intelligence
  • Improve your Leaders’ effectiveness
    • Decrease the drama in your workplace
    • Help employees reach their “best”
    • Improve sales and service performance






Shetay Ashford, Ph.D.

S.A.  Ph.D. |Professor of Workforce Development | STEM Educator 

 Patricia and I worked together as co-faciliators of the “Empower Your Job Search” workshop. She is a brilliant facilitator who exudes passion and genuine concern for her audience. Her knowledge and expertise in Emotional Intelligence (EQi) proved to be very impactful to the workshop participants. Patricia is an excellent resource for workshop facilitation and one-on-one coaching.