Your Career Passion – Risky Business?

Note: This post was originally published June 22, 2014 and, due to extraordinary interest on the topic, I am re-posting.

In the beginning, you might experience a gnawing, a feeling of frustration, exhaustion or disappointment.  It grows in intensity until one day you realize all the energy you put into your work is not enough.  It may have been at one time.  Yes; at first, it’s thrilling to get a steady paycheck and buy nice things. Or you see your name on the business card, moving up the organizational chart or on a management report you co-authored.

Discover your Career Passion

Discover your Career Passion

Your job fails to satisfy your soul anymore

Other days, you wonder– will I still be here in another 5 years, doing the same job, in the same office, and working with the same people another 5 years, another 10 years?

And you start to take stock of your talents, your strengths and realize you aren’t doing the things you do best and, more importantly, enjoy doing.  Your “bucket  isn’t getting filled anymore”.

And you ask yourself “why”.  Or worse, you may have a work “melt down” and realize that you cannot continue to do what you’ve been doing much longer. Folks, that may be the first step of discovering your passion and know you must make a change in order to share that knowledge, expertise or that “something special” that only you can do or you will explode.  Your career passion requires you to take a risk. Continue reading