New Year, New Career?

Christmas is past, a year is behind us and many of us tend to look optimistically into the new year.  Aside from the typical “I will exercise more; I will lose ten pounds; I will finish my degree”, you may want a new job, a new career in 2014.

I’d ask you “Do you have a Career Plan?”  The most common response I hear is “Well, no but that’s a good idea.  Where do I start?”

New Year, New Job?

New Year, New Job?

Don’t fall victim to “Ghosts of Jobs Past” (sorry; I couldn’t help myself from recalling the ghosts of Christmases past as described in the famous Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens.

Even though you may have not reached your career goals or have even had some negative career experiences, you can wipe the slate clean, just like Scrooge, and pursue a new life and, in this case, a new career.  “Start with the End in Mind”

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