PROMOTION: It’s an Inside Job

You enjoy your job, love your company and are ready for more responsibilities, new opportunities and, oh yeah, more money.

It’s rare for employees to be automatically promoted based on seniority or time spent in the job. Regardless of your organization, there is no doubt a process to get promotions.

“So How do I get Promoted?”

Know your Strengths and compare them against the job postings or descriptions you want.  What are the keywords and themes of this job?  If you have an internal resume, are those key words listed?  Internal recruiters will search for them just as external recruiters will.

Showcase your accomplishments in your current role. Arm yourself with several examples to demonstrate your successes and be able to respond to anticipated questions.  Be prepared to speak to what you have done so far, whether it is in an interview, in the elevator or at the company picnic. Provide a summary of the situation, what you did and the results.

Quantify your accomplishments with metrics such as scope of responsibility, number of people involved and impacted and monetary results – whether you saved money or increased revenue.

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